GISLAVED NORD FROST 200 SUV ID 265/65R17 116 T XL FR spike

Innovative studs lead to improved grip on ice with short breaking distances on icy roads. The optimal power transmission of this tyre ensures very good grip and secure handling on ice and snow. Vergleichen Sie Gislaved Nord*Frost 200 Autoreifen 16 Zoll ab 175.30 € Auf finden Sie derzeit günstige Angebote für 35164 PKW Reifen (Stand 23.03.2019). Innovative technology. Outstanding effect. Studdable winter tire for passenger, light truck and SUV vehicles that incorporates the latest technologies and have been test in the most severe Nordic conditions to deliver grip and safety standards at the highest level for all winter road conditions. Здравствуйте всем! Опыт эксплуатации gislaved nord frost 200 и continental contiicecontact.

gislaved nord frost 200, continental contiicecontact - опыт эксплуатации GISLAVED NORD FROST 200 SUV ID 265/65R17 116 T XL FR spike

Le pneu Suédois GISLAVED NORD FROST 200 vous est conseillé par BOLLON PNEUS spécialiste du pneu hiver en Pays de Savoie.

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GISLAVED NORD FROST 200 ID 155/80R13 83 T XL spike
11880.00 РУБ
Premiorri Solazo 195/55R15 85 V/H
10656.00 РУБ